At Authentic Kung-Fu, the health and well being of our martial community is of utmost importance.  Because of this, we are undertaking steps to ensure a safe environment in which to train. 

Our air return system is equipped with ultra violet lighting that kills all germs and bacteria in the air that is circulated in the school.   

Additionally, we will sanitize common use surfaces like doorknobs, office area desk, multiple times each day during business hours. 

Practice items used will be cleaned after every class with disinfecting cleanser and paper towels. 

And, as always, we clean the school and its restrooms each night: emptying trash, replacing bags. 

Students are encouraged to wash hands for 20 seconds before and after every class. We are limited on sanitizer so the extra effort to wash is greatly appreciated. 

If you are sick or have been sick, or have been traveling to locations where you might have been exposed, we ask that you not come to the school until you are certain you are healthy. 

We are continuing to monitor this evolving situation from several sources including the CDC. 

The school will continue to offer classes in a format that fulfills the guidance provided by the city of Fort Worth as we hope for a resolution to this situation. In the meantime, we will do our best to keep the school a safe environment in which to train our Kung-Fu.