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Wing Chun Kuen

An Overview

Wing Chun at Authentic Kung-Fu follows the traditional path maintained and proven through the centuries: that of precise repetition and practical application. Students learn how to perform movements solo, with a partner then in relationship to changing combat environment The school also follows the maxim of Yip Man that "Without Chi-Sao there is no Wing Chun."

However in both application and Chi Sao training Authentic Kung-Fu is, at the same time, on the cutting edge of development. This is, in part because of both the combat experience and the advanced educational background of Sifu Steve Cottrell.

Chi Sao

In Chi Sao training, Sifu Cottrell has innovated the "training progression method". This pedagogical method enables students to develop Chi Sao reactions faster and with greater precision. The method consists of a closed loop of techniques which first practiced until that combination becomes automatic. Then new techniques are inserted into the drill at precise points. This "closed universe" of techniques is expanded over time until cross referencing of techniques takes place and a free exchange becomes unavoidable. However this free exchange is different from many other schools in that the precision of technique is maintained. Additionally most of the time doing Chi Sao at Authentic Kung-Fu is spend in exchange of combat movements, instead of mostly rolling arms as in many schools. As Sifu Cottrell often says, "You cannot control who is stronger in a confrontation. You cannot control who is faster or how many of them there are. The only thing you can control is the precision and depth of your own technique."

The Application

In application Sifu Cottrell stresses practical training drills adapted from his time in the military, law enforcement and as a trainer for special operations units. Multiple attacker, fighting in limited or obstructed areas, against weapons, standing and on the ground is daily fare for the students at Authentic Kung-Fu.

These methods combined with regular training with renown Sifu such as Sifu Alan Lamb provides increasingly depth of insight into the profound art of Wing Chun. Sifu Cottrell's school and association combines the best of traditional training and modern combat application.

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