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Grandmaster Wong Hun Fun

Wong Hun Fun was a native of Shunde County of Guangdong Province. As a youth, he was one of the first to join Lo Guang Yu at the Chin Mo association in Hong Kong in 1932. After years of training, he was selected by Master Lo to head the Chin Mo association in Macau. His youth notwithstanding (he was 20 years old at the time), Master Lo selected Wong Hun Fun to travel to Hankou Province to teach Mantis Boxing at the Chin Mo branch there.

The growth of Mantis Boxing was not separate from history, however. Soon after arriving in Hankou, Wong found himself in the path of war as the Japanese invaded Wuhan. As war engulfed the nation, Wong returned to Hong Kong where he continued teaching the art as he learned it from his sifu, Lo Kwang Yu.

During the ensuing years, Master Wong devoted himself to the art. Preserving and spreading the art of Northern Praying Mantis had obviously been the goals of Lo Kwang Yu, and even Fun Yu Tan; why else send representatives to Shanghai, Macau, Hong Kong and Hankou. But the turbulent times precluded establishing Chin Mo branches as planned.

Wong Hun Fun hit upon a revolutionary idea -- he would use the technology of modern printing as no other martial artist had up to that time. With this in mind, he devoted himself not only to developing disciples, but also to publishing. In all, he wrote and published over 30 books on Praying Mantis Boxing. Wong Hun Fun passed away in 1973.

The legacy of Wong Hun Fun can be clearly seen in the west. His disciples, Grandmaster Ho Yin Chung, Grandmaster Brendan Lai, Grandmaster Al Chang all have made an enormous impact upon the spread of Praying Mantis.

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