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Grandmaster Low Kwang Yu

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Master Lo Kwang Yu, the fifth generation successor to Wang Lang, was a native of Penglai. He was Master Fung Yu Dong's senior disciple and had mastered the entire breath of Chi Xing Tong Long techniques. In 1919, after winning Grand Champion at the fighting tournaments in Shanghai, Master Lo was sent to the Chin Mo to represent Master Fung as instructor at that school.

Master Lo was a consummate martial artist and was said to practice over fifty open hand and weapon sets. He also practiced the Lo Han Gung style of Hay Gung and had mastery of the iron palm method. It was said that he could easily break a dozen bricks with either hand. He held the title of "One of the Three Major Boxers of Chin Mo". Master Lo taught Tong Long for more than ten years at the Shanghai Chin Mo. It is interesting to note that his favorite forms for exhibition were, Praying Mantis Steals the Peach and the Tiger Tail Three Section Staff.

Lo Kwang Yu is also credited with beginning the spread of Tong Long through Asia and the world. Working through the Chin Mo association, Master Lo sent Master Wong Hun Fun, then only a young man, as his representative. On the orders of Master Lo, Wong Hun Fun traveled both to Macao and to Hankou province to establish Tong Long in the branches located there.

During World War II Master Lo traveled back to his native Shandong and there it was said that he died of natural causes.