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Grandmaster Chung Ho Yin

When Sifu Wong Hun Fun began his own school, the Hun Fun Athletic School, he set about establishing it as an organization worthy of the reputation established by Master Lo Kwang Yu. The students were subjected to the most rigorous and exacting training of any he taught. No other approach would suffice the demands of the times.

Into this arena came a young man. One day to be known as Sifu Chung Ho Yin, the elder statesman of the Wong Hun Fun clan, the young man was then called Chung Jong Chong. The year was 1942.

Over the next ten years, Chung Jong Chong perfected his skills as a student under Sifu Wong Hun Fun. He successfully completed his course of study at Sifu Wong's school in 1952 with the very first graduating class. Upon graduating, (as was the custom in China), then Sifu Chung Jong Chong had his name changed to Chung Ho Yin, commemorating this pivotal event in his life. By this time Sifu Ho Yin Chung was one of Sifu Wong Hun Fun's closest disciples and was even best man at his wedding.

Sifu Chung opened his own school in the ensuing years, the Tong Long Athletic Association. There he promoted the Northern Praying Mantis System in Hong Kong for decades. Sifu Chung was also the student of the great grandmaster of Eagle Claw, Lau Fat Man at the same time as Lilly Lau. It is said that Sifu Chung was once the representative for both the Eagle Claw and Mantis schools simultaneously, a feat that has never again been accomplished by anyone. Not content with only the combat aspects of the arts, Sifu Chung was also the student of the famous Chi Kung master, Li Cheung Ching.

In 1993, Sifu Chung came to the United States to assist his son, Sifu Henry Chung in establishing his school in Michigan. There he continued in daily teaching until 1998 when he retired from the formal activities of full time instruction.

Sifu Chung Ho Yin continues as the "professor emeritus" of the Chung School of Mantis. As said by Lilly Lau, "He was the best of the generations of Praying Mantis".