Page 6 Implications


It can be seen that cosmology, that branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of the universe has, for the Chinese, a nearly mathematical quality to it. This is because the Chinese were seeking a system and fought intellectually to preserve it. As such, all events observed by them were placed into the categories they created. Because of their system's flexibility it was not overturned by new discoveries, simply expanded and adjusted to accomadate the abberant event. Because the system was being constantly adjusted, it took a well honed sense of order and intuition on the part of the practitioner to make it work. But as such, it was a very human system, one that could be embraced and used by average people to a great degree. (This is in stark contrast to the systems of the West which at the same time were quickly becoming the relm of the 'philosopher' and 'academic' to the point that it excluded the average man).


Seeing all things as a process of inevitable and cyclical change, the Chinese people had at their disposal a flexible view of life. The influence of this idea on a subscoucious level can be seen even in their myth structure. Often one will read in Chinese myth where the main character has success then experience nearly total failure due to some flaw, only to be restored to some semblence of success again. Repeatedly this cycle of success and failure, so unlike the West, reveals itself throughout the Chinese view of life.

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